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This is the best Jamaican food ouside of Jamaica by far.  I've eaten from Jamaican restaurants in Florida, Virginia and New York and  2 Island Bwoyz's cooking outmatches each of these.  I'd rather have 2 Island Bwoyz food than any of these other restaurants any day.  Their cooking brings the taste of great Jamaican food right to DC, and it makes me feel that much closer to being in Jamaica. Their food is comparible, if not better than that of the food prepared by the chef of the Jamaican National team. Just talking about the food makes me feel hungry for a plate.
- Craig Ziadie, Jamiaca National Representative

"Nuttin' sweeter than some 2 Island Bwoyz barbeque bread."
- Nasha Douglas, Alexandria, VA

"I never miss an event that the 2 Island Bwoyz cater. I don't care who the DJ is, I dont care who is gonna be there, all I need to know is if Mario and Hisham are cooking the food."
- Alicia Smith, Miami, FL

"You haven't lived till you try 2 Island Bwoyz bbq chicken."
-Tamara Smith, Hyattsville, MD

"Being from Jamaica, I can never find Caribbean food that tastes authentic. The Island boys changed all that."
- Sasha Jones, Washington, DC

We are quickly becoming the Washington, DC area favorite for Caribbean catering. Serving: DC, Maryland, & Northern Virginia.